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Well 2009 is well and truly on my doorstep and what a year it's going to be, i have a sense of a new life that's about to begin, 2 years ago i started my personal training diploma which i am sad that i didn't follow through back then but due to work commitments and a different focus it never happened. Anyway 2009 is the year that all changes i will have finished my diploma by the end of summer at the latest and hopefully if everything goes well i should be starting University in September to study 'Sport and Exercise Science' which i am truly excited about!

I guess there have been a lot of changes over the last 18 months to a year for me some of which have been negative such as work and losing focus of what i truly want also gaining weight and becoming unfit. What i have done is refocus my energies towards what i really want and sport is it i have a huge feeling of regret for not having been to university and now is the time to go as i feel settled in myself and will be better able to learn and gain knowledge whilst hopefully avoiding some of the distractions that university brings! We'll see, wish me luck, I've decided also to use my blog as a means to record my training progress so we'll see how that goes!!


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Guess where I'm going next april, that's right Cancun in Mexico and guess where I'm going to be staying, that's right the Moon Palace Resort, it looks absolutely stunning i've got to say, I'm going with my friend Sam, we were in a travel agent's on saturday and decided we wanted to go away, and just though hey let's go to mexico, so basically I'm gonna be skint for 9 months sorry 8 months and 22 days to be exact, I'm so excited we're going all inclusive which includes all premium alcohol all food in there 9 restaurants including Mexican, japanese etc etc, oh and they have the biggest pool in cancun and a 1.5km beach to enjoy! Plus all the mayan ruins to go visit how exciting! I've now got something to look forward to!!!!!!


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Well same old same old, lot's of working hard, lot's of playing hard and not alot in between, still celebrated lot's of 21st birthdays recently if you follow the picture link on the right you'll get to all of the crazy photo's, if you look closely at this one you'll notice i'm upside down how weird lol, it's all good fun, think it's been such a long time since i've posted that i joined the gym since then and have been going for almost 3 weeks now, and i love it in fact i'm due to go tonight so duty calls!


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Well before i get into what's been going on, an update on me and Sarah to cut a long story short it's over we're still friends we had lot's of fun and time to move on. Any way been out quite a bit during the week but the best night so far this week was last night it was my cousins 21st birthday he had a party then we went to planet's and actually considering it was only Herne Bay i had loads of fun, got chatting to loads of new people which is always great, my friend Sam's going to see take that tonight i can't get my head round it!


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Hey hey hey, how's it going people's i know it's been a long long time since i last posted the good news is i haven't stopped putting photo's up on my Flickr account so make sure you check em out, well what have i been up to, work's been pretty good lately really feel like i'm achieving something now which is great, personal life is pretty fantastic things are going great with Sarah as you can see, been out quite a bit did a crazy bike ride from Whitstable to Herne Bay yesterday with Sarah which was great really wanna go for another one today, may be going to see Sarah later but we'll see fingers crossed.


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Well so far so good this week been fairly good for work, went out for a meal with Sarah and her brother and his girlfriend on sunday night which was really really good, went to see "The Omen" on 6/6/06 which was lush i think it's as good as the original if not better, anyway back to the title of the post going to hastings on sat for 2 nights with Sarah it's gonna be awesome just the 2 of us just so we can spend some quality time together.


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Well sam came round last night and brought the nicest cake ever some apple and cinnamon creation it has a proper name, but it was lush and thinking about it now probably should have taken a picture, anyway sam went a bit nut's with Photo Booth as you do here's a link to the set damn funny i tell ya, had a good night ended up only watching "One Hour Photo" which i still think is totally messed up.